Tips to get over someone you never dated and move on

The unattainable person is alluring because of the potential for an imaginary relationship. This can be a good thing. An unavailable person is often more interesting because they are not as easily attainable. 

In fact, the idea of an imaginary relationship with an unavailable person can be alluring and exciting in itself. Unlike when dating sexy Phoenix escorts, you eliminate the guesswork and have a ready and willing partner. 

Give It Time 

If you’re interested in dating someone but they’re not interested in you as of yet, stay calm. You may have found yourself a good catch if they are still hanging around after you’ve made your intentions clear. Maybe you should keep the mystery and them guessing about those intentions. 

Sexy woman wearing dark lingerie.

The unavailability of someone can be attractive, because it lets us have our fantasy and let’s us think more about that person than if he or she were “available”

We are attracted to unavailable people because they make us feel special. The idea that someone could be interested in us is appealing and flattering. Unavailable people let us have our fantasy without worrying about what might happen if they were actually available.

Two Types Of Attraction

When we’re talking about attraction, there are two types of attraction: short-term and long-term. Short-term attraction is about lust and physical desire; long-term romantic attraction involves feelings like love, admiration or respect for another person. 

In both cases though, the person being attracted needs something from the partner, whether it’s physical attention or emotional support. This means that there has been some kind of investment made before any real connection can take place between two individuals. 

The Allure Of Something We Can’t Have

People are drawn to what they can’t have because of the allure of something we can’t have. When someone is unavailable, it’s easy for the imagination to work if they were available and possibly interested in us. 

We can fantasize about what might happen between us if they were our partner or lover. In other words, when someone isn’t available and therefore unattainable, at least for now, we are free to create our own reality in which this person belongs exclusively with us without any risk or consequence.

Unavailable People Feel Safe To Fall For 

When you fall for someone who is unavailable, you can imagine a relationship with them. You can think of the future and see yourself happy and in love with this person. You might even find yourself obsessing over them, because the idea of being with them makes you feel safe and happy.

Stay Busy

The best way to get over someone you never dated is to stay so busy that you don’t have time to think about them, or at least not as much. You can do this by keeping yourself occupied with work, school, or even just your friends and family if they’re available.

Human nature sometimes desires a challenge, and hopes to attain what they cannot. Even after trying, realize it might be time to throw in the towel. Move on away from frustration and enjoy life.